Amid increasing challenges associated with maintaining businesses, the IT sector in Poland exhibits remarkable resilience and dynamic growth.

Data presented by the European Commission from 2021 show that the overall rate of new business creation relative to existing businesses in the European Union reached about 10.7%. In Poland, in January 2024, 32,772 new businesses were launched, averaging about 1,000 new companies per day. These statistics have been consistent over the last few years, with 25,000 to 35,000 new businesses emerging each month.

Companies experiencing significant growth dominated the service sector, with the highest percentage in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) – the areas in which BraverIT operates. According to 2023 data, by the end of August, the number of registered IT businesses increased by 10%, reaching 177,000, most of which were sole proprietorships. 72% of these businesses were involved in software, and just over 17% were engaged in IT consulting. The No Fluff Jobs report indicates that women own about 38% of the registered IT firms in Poland. The highest concentration of IT companies is registered in Mazovia and Lesser Poland.

At the EU level, the overall mortality rate of all businesses was 8.5%. In most EU countries, more companies were established than were shut down. Exceptions were Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Denmark, and Germany, where the number of closed businesses exceeded the number of newly established ones. What is more, only 52% of the companies founded between 2017 and 2021 in the EU were still operational in 2021, highlighting the difficulties associated with maintaining operations, especially in the early years.

The year 2023 proved to be a record year in terms of business closures in Poland, with 220,000 firms disappearing from the market, and the number of suspended activities reaching 372,500. Removals from the National Court Register and the Central Economic Information Center affected 23,500 companies and 196,500 sole proprietorships, respectively. In the first quarter of 2023, among limited liability companies, 87 bankruptcies were noted compared to 60 in the corresponding period of the previous year. Payment gridlocks are one of the main problems for Polish businesses, with debts amounting to PLN 9.07 billion in 2023, affecting 264,500 companies. This rule seems not to apply to the IT sector, where for every closing company, there are seven newly opened ones.